Workers’ Memorial Wall

A collective place to mourn and remember our lost co-workers and friends  due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
These are stories of some of the lives we have already lost.

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TWU Local 100

Walter Watson


Bus Operator

Kingsbridge Depot is mourning the passing of another Brother member to the Coronavirus, Bus Operator Walter ‘Wats’ Watson. He was 55 and died on May 4, 2020. He had 20 years on the job at Jackie Gleason Depot and in recent years, Kingsbridge near his home. Brother Watson graduated John F. Kennedy High School in the Bronx, and shortly thereafter joined the U.S. Navy, where he excelled in electronics and became a certified naval electrician. He served on the nuclear submarine, USS Shark out of Groton, CT. After being discharged, he was offered a civilian military position in Iraq, but decided to stay close to home and went to work for United Parcel Service. During those years, he helped start the Marble Hill 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament for the neighborhood youth. He also worked for Baldor’s, the specialty food service company, before joining NYCT in 2000. Kingsbridge Vice Chair Felix Olivo said that Brother Watson was “very well liked at the depot, a fun loving guy. He was a hard worker and spoke his mind. He loved his Steelers and was always wearing the Black and Yellow proudly. He’s going to be dearly missed.” Brother Watson is survived by his wife, Tiffany, a 2-year old son, Walter Watson V, two daughters, Enaj and Sydney, four sisters and three brothers.