Workers’ Memorial Wall

A collective place to mourn and remember our lost co-workers and friends  due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
These are stories of some of the lives we have already lost.

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TWU Local 100

Thomas Chai


Light Maintainer

Light Maintainer Thomas Teck Kuwe Chai, on nights since joining New York City Transit in 2015, passed away of the Coronavirus on April 12, 2020. Brother Chai was originally from Ipoh, the capital city of the State of Perak in Malaysia. He attended SMK Malim Nawar high school there and emigrated to the U.S. in 1977. He was 60 years old. His son Philip said that his father passed away at the hospital after being on a ventilator. “I have always looked up to him as my role model in life,” said Philip. “He was a very hard working person who always worked extra hours at his job. He would always cook for me before he went to his nightshift job. I will always remember him and all the good things he has done for his communities.”