Workers’ Memorial Wall

A collective place to mourn and remember our lost co-workers and friends  due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
These are stories of some of the lives we have already lost.

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TWU Local 100

Lawrence Nieuenkirk


Bus Operator

Flatbush Depot is mourning the death of another union Brother to the Coronavirus. Bus Operator Lawrence Nieuenkirk passed away June 4, 2020 at Mt. Sinai Hospital. He had nearly 20 years on the job, and is the fourth Local 100 member from Flatbush to succumb to the disease. Depot Chair Richard Thorn said that Brother Nieuenkirk began feeling sick in late April and tested positive for the virus. He was admitted to the hospital shortly thereafter. “He was a good friend,” said Thorn. “He was a wonderful person and fun to be around. He made everyone laugh. He lifted the mood of everyone when he walked into the room.” Thorn said that Brother Nieuenkirk tried to take care of himself. “He used to jog, but more recently he began riding a bike. It is a shame. We are all praying for his family. May he Rest in Peace.” Lawrence was born in Guyana, and leaves two grieving daughters.