Workers’ Memorial Wall

A collective place to mourn and remember our lost co-workers and friends  due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
These are stories of some of the lives we have already lost.

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TWU Local 100

Franchette Woodley


Structure Division

Structure Division is mourning the death to the Coronavirus of Franchette E. Woodley, a Structure Maintainer B. He had nearly 21 years on the job, working nights out of West 4th Street. He is the third SMB to die of the virus, and the second from the West 4th night crew. He was 64 years old. Structure has also lost its elected Vice Chair Hesronni Cayenne, who worked nights out of Bergen Street. Brother Woodley was born on August 6, 1955 in Nevis, the smaller of two Islands that make up the nation of St. Kitts in the Caribbean. He joined transit on July 21, 1999. Division Chair Richard Rocco said, “Brother Woodley’s passing is yet another gut punch to Structure Division. We are all praying for his family. May he Rest in Peace.”