About the Wall

Our Mission

Up until now, there has been very little we can do to collectively grieve the co-workers we’ve lost due to COVID-19.  Some of us have already lost hundreds of members to the virus.  Yet, we could not attend a funeral.  There’s no collective cemetery we can all visit, no place to lay flowers.  

While sitting with that, Jobs With Justice and UnionBase got together and imagined, what if we created an online “memorial wall” for workers, where people could post the names, photos and thoughts about co-workers lost to COVID-19.  Like memorials around the country created to mourn veterans lost overseas, this is a place where we can visit the memories of our colleagues, grieve or simply say their names out loud.  

The WorkersMemorialWall.org allows us to bring the faces of those lost to this pandemic to the forefront to help the country grapple with the extreme inequality exposed in this moment.  

We hope you will consider adding some of your members/co-workers to the Wall so we can collectively honor them.  And we ask that you partner with us to project these stories, to share the faces of those who may have lived were there enough ventilators, face masks, stronger healthcare infrastructure, economic and workplace democracy, and more aggressive regulation. 

Comments, questions or suggestions? Please contact chris@unionbase.org